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Hi there, my name’s Lee and I’m a self taught artist. I’ve been painting and drawing since around the age of seven. I used to win all the competitions at school but I could never understand why the other kids couldn’t draw like me. It just came natural to me.  I left school at sixteen and back then there was no internet so I really couldn’t see a way to make a living with my art. Besides, all my friends had gotten jobs and were getting cars and I wanted one!!! So I got a job and started on the tread mill of life. I have never stopped drawing and painting throughout my life.  I have had numerous jobs and have always wanted to run my own business producing original art that would be very special to my customers and then voila!!! along came the Internet and also my beautiful wife Beverley who is amazing and also very very good with computers and web stuff!

I have been married to Beverley since 2010 and today we live in a house we love in a place we love right by the country side where I love to be and chill out. We have our little dog Gizmo who is a Shih tzu who we consider to be our hairy little son!!! 

Anyway back to business……..I aim to produce the best art for you, the customer. Art which you will treasure always.Producing art is very satisfying, even more so when I know I’m creating something very unique, whether it’s a gift a customer would like for someone special or a memory captured permanently in oil paint, watercolour, pastel or pencil. Explore my gallery and enjoy.


Hi my name is Lee, I am an artist specialising in pencil, graphite, watercolour, pastel and oil paintings. I am available for commissions simply email me for a quote.

Prints are also available of any of my pictures you see on the page.

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